Entry: Thinking in Tongues Tuesday, September 15, 2015

  • Was listening to Penn's latest podcast on my walk today and he was talking about Victor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, a book that I've been wanting to read for sometime, and one that Penn has just finished. Not surprisingly, it seemed to have had a profound effect on him, but when he started talking about depression and the importance of finding purpose and feeling useful with volunteering, a mission/job/goal, etc., I became a little crestfallen. I've been volunteering once a week since April and I feel as useless as ever, maybe even more useless. It makes absolute sense in theory and was something I prescribed to before practicing, but now I think maybe depression is just depression and I'm doomed to continue fighting this battle forever or until the right combination of meds come along (I've never been on meds). Or maybe I just need a new/different volunteer position...
  • I bought a shower cap and some dry shampoo
  • I'm fascinated by the whole Tumblr lifting community. And when I say fascinated, I mean deeply ambivalent: 2 parts awe & wonder, 1 part displeasure
  • I tried washing the dusty dark blue curtains in my room and one panel completely fell apart. Grrr. Awkward because they're really not "my" curtains, but the people's who I'm staying with. Thankfully, they were pretty cool and said don't worry about it when I offered to replace or reimburse. So, I now have green curtains, which I was not too thrilled at the thought of but, surprisingly, they go quite well with the other colors in my room. They kinda smell though, which defeats the whole purpose of my washing the original blue curtains in the first place, but I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to wash these ones!


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