Entry: Serena = Best Movie Ever Monday, September 28, 2015

So where the fuck is this "supermoon" at?! I sneaked outside around quarter after 10 but could see nada, save for a few stars and the odd plane. Stupid clouds.

Awww, I am crushing HARD on B. Cooper right now, guys. Had a lil marathon of his movies this weekend: Silver Linings Playbook (had already seen, of course, and one of my top ten fave movies <3), Serena (paired once again with the lovely J. Law -- loved it!!! Critics be damned!), Aloha (huuuge stinking turd) and The Place Beyond the Pines (boy, does Gosling get you right in the feels in this one).

I just love Jennifer and Bradley together. I SHIP THEM SO HARD. Seriously, they're my Hepburn and Tracy and I hope they work together again some time in the future, beyond the upcoming release of Joy (from fab director David O. Russell, the genius behind the aforementioned Silver Linings and another FANTASTIC film -- American Hustle [yes, also starring both Lawrence and Cooper!] )

Anyhoo, yeah, I'm kinda all hot and bothered for him now. And let me tell you, Serena definitely did not do anything to help matters. Sigh.


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